Many small mistakes like these add up to one big mistake.  We want our work to sell itself, therefore your job will scream quality.

Don’t Let these mistakes like these happen to your paver install. Choose who installs your job based on their past work.  We are meticulous for a reason. 










We can repair some mistakes from others installers also.

Rounded borders and coping pieces should all be cut equally.  No cut one, skip one, cut one…...lazy work.

This has no explanation.  Maybe the buzz from the night before made it’s way onto this job’s border.

Tripping your neighbors or any passerby will not make you friends with your insurance company.

Sloppy cement work not only looks bad but, it also fails later to contain your paver edges.

A paver that was cut the wrong size or accidentally only takes a few seconds to correct.  Why is this here?

This border doesn’t line up.  These small mistakes all add up to an average job.  You do not want the “average” job.