Surface Creations began in 1999.† We are different in the construction industry in that we value quality over quantity.† As a smaller company we cannot glaze over our jobs and rely on the next job to erase over time the poor workmanship from the previous.† Each job is done so that it advertises to a future customer what we are capable of.†† We take our time to ensure each job is completed as if it were part of our own home.† There are many corners that can be cut in the construction industry with materials and techniques that will lower the quality of the end product.† Most of this is not readily visible in the end and some of it although right in plain site is just not seen by the untrained eye.† We donít use inferior materials and only the best quality pavers and acrylic available from companies long histories of making a good product and a reputation for taking care of their customers, both home owners and installers alike.† We are constantly updating our application methods to create the best possible end product.† We create new and unique designs and techniques to give our customers the newest and best.††